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Classroom activities are planned to foster relationships, engage in decision-making, cooperation and conflict resolution.While learning about one another, children learn

to celebrate differences among them and find all that

they have in common.

Language and Reading          Readiness 

Our approach to reading readiness combines whole language learning with the development of phonemic awareness. Shared writing, journal writing and dictation activities introduce our students to the use of print in a "print rich" environment. Our library includes the "classics" and works by leading authors of children literature for children  to borrow.

Science and Nature

Through hands-on exploration, basic scientific concepts are investigated. Discoveries are made about the world around us, physical sciences and technology both in the classroom and all around our expansive campus. Our 'NatureScape' is a natural playground where children engage in child directed learning experiences. The children help to plant a school garden in the spring!

Physical Education

Our 22 acre campus includes a wide range of areas for gross motor play. There are a variety of playgrounds on our campus in addition to areas for playing basketball and other sports. There are paved areas for trike riding!

Arts and Crafts

Creative art projects are planned within each classroom's curriculum, which extend the learning theme. Using a wide variety of materials and mediums, children are involved in activities where they engage in self-expression. The process is celebrated as well as the product.

Music and Performing Arts

Sing-along experiences are a fun way to learn about and enjoy music. Music is also used to teach basic concepts across the curriculum. Dramatics through puppetry and class theatre presentations give children opportunities at creative self-expression through performance.

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