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Sesame/Rockwood Camps

for children  ages 3 through 14

Friends Happen Here

For over 60 years, Sesame/Rockwood Camps, has provided children with a place to grow, to learn, to make long-lasting friends and to have fun. The journey begins here to foster self-esteem and self confidence in a safe and well supervised environment. 


An enjoyment of physical activity is achieved through our Athletics Program. We offer a tremendous range of sport options...including hockey,basketball,soccer,newcomb, kickball, archery, lacrosse, tennis and baseball, we have it all! Our coaches work hard to create an athletic environment focused on individual achievement and skill building. 


The appreciation of the natural environment is achieved through our

Nature and Outdoors Adventure/Team Building Programs. Activities such as naturecrafts, boating,  gardening and team building are experienced. From the Zip-Lines to the Cable Crossing to the 40-foot high Towers of Power, campers practice a challenge by choice where encouragment is the overriding theme.


We stress instructional swimming in our five pool T.E.A.M. Swim Program...Teaching Excellence  in Aquatics Methods, through the American Red Cross Swim Program.


Creative and Performing Arts introduce our campers to a variety of new experiences. art & crafts, jewelcraft, clayworks, cooking and dance, to name a few, serve as a platform for bringing out the creative aspects in every child.


Our Special Events Program is a hallmark of both Sesame and Rockwood.  Everyday at bus arrival, line-ups, lunch and Friday Theme Days there are fun events scheduled.


We strive to ensure an enjoyable and memorable summer experience for every camper .



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